July 3, 2019 - Washington,  DC


     Good morning and welcome to the Operation Fast and Furious – The Public Finally Needs to Know Press Conference. I am Ann Vandersteel, host of SteelTruth, an online news and investigative program. . I formerly was full time with Your Voice America as most of you know and continue to enjoy a symbiotic relationship with Bill Mitchell and that fine REAL news organization. SteelTruth carries on in the same tradition, thoroughly vetting our sources and evidence, and reporting only the facts, wherever those facts may lead.

Before we start, I’d like to thank our panel who travelled to be here at great cost. I’d also like to thank our sponsor Precision Sign Installation for generously making this press conference happen. Without their corporate support to cover the costs, this venue would not have been available. A special thanks to Press Club member John Milton Peterson with the American Preservation Alliance and his fantastic team he has assembled to facilitate today’s event. I would also like to thank the National Press Club and all the members of the media here today, the public who continues to show interest in getting answers to this subject, family here supporting these brave speakers and most importantly our panelist of speakers. For their stories have yet to be heard and justice yet to be served...

-Ann Vandersteel