Biden Has No Clothes

Updated: Apr 7

There is no such thing as a “Biden Administration”.

Joe Biden, a career politician best known for his ability to follow orders to enrich himself and his family, was selected to help the Democratic Party create a one-party dictatorship.

Biden—who is handled like anyone would with a relative who is suffering from diminished cognitive abilities—is going along with whatever decisions are being made for him.

“I don’t know what I’m signing,” Biden says on a hot microphone.

The Democratic Propaganda Ministry, also know as the mainstream media, ignores every gaffe and invents some lame excuse for every embarrassing moment.

It is obvious that Biden is nothing more than a puppet. I believe Barack Obama is Biden’s direct supervisor—which means this is Obama’s third term in office.

However, the media and its believing public go along with the fiction that it is Joe Biden who is responsible for all the wonderful decisions being issued from the White House.

To understand the phenomenon of an entire population believing a Big Lie, we turn to the classic tale, “The Emperor’s New Clothes.”

Danish author Hans Christian Anderson penned the story of an egotistical emperor who is told by swindlers that they will weave for him the most magnificent royal wardrobe.

The deal is that stupid or incompetent people will not be able to see any of the clothes—which will help Mr. Emperor discover who is stupid or incompetent among his staff.

Because nobody wants to be labeled as exceedingly moronic, all his royal subjects express their admiration for the beauty of the invisible clothing on the emperor—as he struts through his capital city in a royal procession.

“But he hasn’t got anything on,” a small child finally exclaims upon seeing the buck-naked emperor.

After a moment, adults see it the same way as the child. The word spreads throughout the town that the child is right.

“The emperor is naked!” the townspeople shout.

The emperor himself never admits it—because he is as stupid as the swindlers suspected when they made a small fortune off their deal.

The majority of American voters were not stupid enough to vote for Joe Biden. He was known as a corrupt, lying politician, who was involved in many scandals, including bribes his family received from the Communist Chinese Party totaling hundreds of millions of dollars.

President Donald Trump had worked exceedingly hard for the American people, achieving many accomplishments, including the destruction of the ISIS caliphate, a booming economy, several Mideast peace treaties and a relatively secure Southern Border.

Trump was the most popular president of recent generations, drawing enormous crowds to his rallies and racking up huge numbers of viewers for his speeches. Automobile and boat parades held in his honor stretched for miles and miles.

On Election Night, Trump was winning a historic, landslide victory. At about 3 a.m., an independent media outlet presented the insurmountable margins Trump had racked up in key swing states, including Michigan and Pennsylvania. Victory was assured.

But then the vote counting suddenly stopped in several large cities in those swing states. An unprecedented event was taking place. Poll watchers were ushered out of counting facilities—or ordered to stand far back from where the counting was taking place. Truckloads of ballots—with huge margins for Biden—were carted into the buildings.

There had never been a previous presidential campaign, in which a candidate hid in his basement and told potential voters he did not need them to win the election. No other candidate in recent memory told voters he planned to raise their taxes.

No major party candidate before Biden attracted fewer than 50 citizens to his rare campaign events.

Tons of evidence of massive fraud has been presented at hearings in swing states, including Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Georgia. Thousands of affidavits have been written by eyewitnesses, who testified to enough evidence of multiple kinds of fraud to overturn the phony results of the rigged election.

But the swindlers of the mass media and their government overlords, as well as numerous spineless judges and justices who refused to consider the evidence, stand behind the fiction that Joe Biden is wearing a wonderful suit of presidential clothing.

We are waiting for that wise child who will speak up and say, “That man is naked as the moment he was born.”


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