Dems Are Trying All Americans

This is why the Democrats are persecuting President Donald J. Trump.

After the Democrats committed the Crime of the Century, Trump invited his supporters to Washington, D.C.

He urged them to peacefully express their views---that U.S. representatives should intervene, and stand up for the actual winner of the 2020 e-lection.

Trump---the most popular and effective pro-American president of this era---wanted his supporters to voice their collective objections.

It is a manufactured false narrative that the Dems "hate Trump" because he is a dictator, a foul-mouthed racist, or a million other reasons.

The Dems themselves are everything they accuse Trump of---and they know that.

The Dems invented the "Trump supporters storm the Capitol" story--- likely way before any of them began arriving at Reagan National Airport.

The Dems took total power in 2009. They then used it to try to negate all vestiges of a representative form of government.

Their leader---a supporter of worldwide communism and Islamic terrorism---began supplying arms to Mexican drug cartels and millions of dollars to Mideastern terrorists.

The Dems began planning to have a one-party, totalitarian state, aligned with the Islamic Republic of Iran and the People's Republic of China.

Trump upset that plan.

The Dems don't hate him.

They hate all Americans who want a government of the people, by the people, for the people.


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