Financial Headlines 2.16

The Dow picked up 64 to wrap todays session at 31522, while The Nasdaq lost 47 to finish trading over finishing at 14047 in Tuesday Trading. The S&P was mostly closing the day losing two to close at 3932.

Winter storm temporarily closes hundreds of Walmart stores and Amazon facilities, snarling delivery across the country Hundreds of Walmart stores are temporarily closed as winter weather causes severe ice and power outages in Texas, the Southeast and other parts of the country. Package delivery was also delayed in the impacted region. The big-box retailer said 456 stores and clubs are closed as of midday Tuesday. That represents nearly 9% of Walmart’s more than 5,300 stores and Sam’s Club locations.

Leave it to the CCP two screw up even MORE opportunities for their citizens:

It is revealed the the CHICOMS blocked what would have been the largest IPO in History as Jack Ma’s ANT ipo is shelved After the CCP investigation revealed likely beneficiaries. YOU DON’T SAY…keep an eye on STEEL MONEY as we Investigate just WHO MAY HAVE STOOD TO GAIN and what this means to capitalism at large from companies Emanating from Mainland China.

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