Financial Headlines 2.18

The Dow shed 119 to wrap todays session at 31493, while The Nasdaq shaved dropped 100, finishing at 13865 in Thursday trading with the S&P closing down 17 to end the session at 3913...

In consumer spending news, online shipping costs expected to increase further into the pandemic.

Delivery costs have been rising across the country and are expected to continue as the pandemic drags on, creating a serious headwind for retailers, according to a report by Jefferies. “The recent growth in shipping costs has been fueled by the surge in e-commerce penetration, which has created a significant supply/demand imbalance and left carriers capacity constrained. Never ones to let a good crisis go to waste, you can bet that the DO NOTHING DEMOCRATS are scheming as we speak to find a way to attach higher deliveries to CLIMATE CHANGE and fleece millions from unsuspecting shoppers! But I Digress…..

Food and its packaging are highly unlikely to transmit Covid, top U.S. food and health officials say it’s been a little more than a year into the global Covid-19 pandemic and there’s still “no credible evidence” that people can catch the virus from food or food packaging, top U.S. food and health officials said Thursday. While there have been some scientific studies that have identified Covid-19 particles on food packaging, most of that

research is finding the genetic fingerprint of the virus, not live virus that can result in human infection, according to a joint press release from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the U.S. Centers for

Disease Control and Prevention. Don’t worry thought…the clueless BIDEN administration will find a way to Create another false flag crisis to take advantage of…BET ON IT!

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