Financial Headlines 3.2

The Dow Jones Industrial Average shed 143 Points in Tuesday Trading wrapping up at 31391...while the Nasdaq dropped 230 points to finish the session at 13358 . The S&P closed down 31 to close at 3870.

And speaking of the Electric Vehicle Market, Former TESLA exec launches a brand new EV Startup…but look for a different strategy to capture this lucrative market!

Porsche, Audi, General Motors and other established automakers are trying to take on Tesla with splashy new electric vehicles, but the first real competition from an upstart may come from Lucid Motors, a company run by a former chief engineer on the Tesla Model S . Lucid CEO Peter Rawlinson is following his former boss Elon Musk’s playbook when it comes to production, some technology, dealerships and service. But it’s charting a different path on electric-vehicle charging stations, automated driving systems and advertising. Lucid is building a brand new, “greenfield” car plant in Arizona which costs billions of dollars and is launching the new initiative via a REVERSE MERGER..more on the story as it develops on STEEL MONEY!

In COVID news, Pharma Giant MERCK to assist Johnson & Johnson in producing Its Covid-19 Vaccine.

News reports indicate that the U.S. would have enough Covid-19 vaccines for all

American adults by the end of May, after regulators authorized the one-shot

Johnson & Johnson vaccine and Merck & Co. agreed to help produce it. J&J shares

closed at 159 on the news, while Merck wrapped up at 72.85.

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