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Joe Biden’s America

Stop and Frisk TSA - the Full Monty - Was this compliments of the FBLie? I should have known my vocation as an independent journalist, exercising my First Amendment right to free speech, would eventually result in a targeted and unprovoked violation of my 4th amendment rights. Attempting to check-in online for a flight from LAS to PBI the night prior to traveling, the United Airlines website responded that I would have to complete my check-in at the airport ticket counter the following morning. I arrived unusually early for my flight, about 90 minutes prior to departure. When I engaged with the ticket kiosk it printed a slip directing me to see an agent at the ticket counter. I waited for 10 minutes as there were only 3 agents working to accommodate a sea of travelers. Finally, I was greeted by a woman named Mary, who after a brief back and forth, made it clear she was not supportive of masks or “the jab”. Of course we got along famously. As she was working on getting my boarding pass she ran into “trouble” as my ticket had been “coded”. Mary said she did not know what the code meant. Coincidentally to her entering my name into the system, a slim tall blond man in a shiny suit with spiffy shoes appeared paired with a uniformed TSA agent. They took a position right next to me as Mary worked my ticket issue. After about 5 minutes I turned on my video camera and asked if there was a problem. Mary’s first response was “No”, it’s just that your ticket was coded and she had no idea why. I then turned to the TSA officer and man in the suit to ask if I was being detained. They said that my ticket was selected for “extra screening” and that all my bags, including my checked luggage, would go through the extra screening process. Imagine my non surprise after all we have witnessed since the Capitol 6 event.

Mary continued on hold with someone at United trying to clear my ticket…It was obvious that as soon as I arrived and entered my confirmation number into the ticket kiosk that TSA and Security were waiting for me. I learned that the gentleman in the shiny suit was named Jeff and he was the head of airport security. Jeff and the TSA agent were both pleasant, both stating they. had no idea why I was selected for extra screening. Jeff advised me that from this point forward I should be prepared to arrive to airports extra early as this will continue “until it stops”. Whatever that means. I was asked if I had a gun in my luggage, to which i said “No”. Mary seemed perplexed but she worked “the problem” like a professional. Jeff and the TSA agent appeared to be paying very close attention to me. Eventually I was given my boarding passes and luggage receipt for one bag, and told I should proceed to TSA... with Jeff. Yes, I was being escorted through Las Vegas airport by the head of airport security!

I fly a lot. I have a TSA number for PreCheck as well as I have the CLEAR status, for which I pay to have a deeper background check, that expedites the TSA screening line using fingerprint or eye scans, thus allowing me to bypass the shoe removal, laptop out of the bag hassle. But today I was not going to get that “pleasure”. I was going to get the full, "are you a domestic terrorist" TSA experience. As Jeff and I walked to the TSA entrance, I learned that he does not like Nevada’s Governor Sisolak and thinks he is terrible. He asked what I did and I explained I am a new media independent journalist. Funny how that stopped his desire to go on about Sisolak. When we arrived at the TSA, Jeff handed me off to a separate line of uniformed TSA agents. I was told that I had to remove and power on all electronics from my back pack, take off my shoes, go through the metal detector and then come back to go through the body scanner. Then I was told to go to a cordoned off area in public view whereby a woman patted me down in the most indecent of ways. I was groped, in plain view…Meanwhile other agents were swabbing my hands and going through my one backpack and taking everything out, piece by piece. This took at least 20 minutes. The air wreaked of their superior authority. By the time they were finished, I had 12 minutes to get to my gate before the flight left. I ran to the airport train, waited 2 minutes for it to arrive, and exited at D Terminal. The convenience of Las Vegas airport is negated by how spread out it is when you are negotiating from ticket counter to gate. This day, thanks to the extra screening delays by the TSA, I was also going to get an early morning cardio workout prior to takeoff. As lady luck would have it, my flight was departing gate D56, the last gate in the D Terminal. Up next, a sprint to make the plane. With 3 minutes to spare, and as I approached the now empty gate, I could see the gate agent and 6 TSA officers. And they saw me coming. With boarding pass in hand, TSA asked me for my ID. When I was clearly identified, the TSA pulled me aside again. Would you believe they were going to do another bag search? They also asked me where I was going, where did I live, and of course no one wore a smile. When I explained that TSA already searched my backpack they said, “Well we are going to do it again”. Their tone did not compliment United Airlines tag line about "Friendly Skies" and all... With one minute to spare, and the back pack search in progress, an overhead page of my last name bellowed to board the plane as they were ready to close the door. I yelled back towards the gate agent and identified myself to let him know I was present. With 6 TSA agents all gathered around me, another bag search in progress, the gate agent approached and asked if I was clear to board. They finally said I could proceed. Our flight landed in Houston Intercontinental Airport a bit early and thankfully only 5 gates away from my connecting flight. I stopped to buy bag of nuts to eat along the way. As I approached gate C40, United to West Palm Beach, I could see 4 TSA agents waiting to check ID’s at the gate. More random? What are the odds? I did not see any other gates with TSA agents waiting to check IDs either in Las Vegas or Houston. Hmmmm were they there for me? A United Customer Service Desk was adjacent to the gate so I stopped to ask a representative there if they had ever witnessed events like what I had experienced thus far. The female United customer service representative, a 24 year seasoned employee of United, look perplexed by my story, said “No, never.” Hmmm the the plot thickens... I was dressed in black and white striped pants which made me an easy mark. As soon as the TSA agents saw me approach the gate, their body language was obvious, they had found for whom they were looking. I took a position across from the gate and fired up a Facebook Live. To a live audience, I explained what had happened to date and then proceeded to continue filming what would happen when I tried to board the plane.

As I had misplaced my boarding pass somewhere along the way, I had to acquire another at the gate. Stating my name to the gate agent proved to be within earshot of the TSA agents that were checking IDs BEFORE the passengers presented their boarding pass to the gate agent. Once I received my boarding pass I proceeded through the line and to my surprise I was not stopped….. However, when I entered the gate ramp I was immediately stopped by two TSA agents who pulled me aside to search my backpack again! I questioned what was happening and they said it was random. LOL I pressed them as to what was going on and explained what had happened to me to this point. They said it was all normal and again reiterated that them stopping me in the gate ramp to search my pack back a 3rd time was “random”. Double LOL. After going through my back pack with streams of people passing to board, and this time breaking one of the zippers on my back pack, I was permitted to board. The bizarre nature of these public searches by the TSA inside a terminal, whereby everyone inside presumably had already been screened and cleared by the TSA, certainly had its desired effect….I must clearly be a threat. The expressions of the people, walking by as they proceeded down the ramp towards the plane, said it all. Upon landing in Florida I received a text message from United Airlines welcoming me to West Palm Beach but that they were sorry to tell me that my bag would arrive on a later flight.

When I inquired at the customer service counter in baggage claim, the representative there told me my bag had been placed on a flight from Las Vegas to Washington DC and that it would be delivered later the same evening, closer to midnight! Hmmmm..... Inconvenient only in that I had dinner plans for which I would not be properly attired, more importantly it was another bizarre incident as I arrived 1 hour and 45 minutes prior to my scheduled departure. And of all airports to send my bag….Washington DC…wonder who met my bag there? These "random" searches by the TSA are about as random as all those hundreds of thousands of vote dumps for Joe Biden at 3:30am on election night when the vote counting stopped simultaneously in 5 swing states…yes definitely More “random”…

Welcome to Joe Biden’s America.

Is this what happens when you stand in solidarity with patriots at your capitol? A Capitol that you pay for with your tax dollars, to show support for the tax payer funded public servants who we, the people, elect to represent our interests?

Despite this extra special treatment by our tax payer funded TSA, which is part of the Department of Homeland Security, I will never stop speaking out, holding my public officials accountable nor reporting the truth. If that means I am hassled by a corrupt law enforcement agency, so be it. This is my #CivicDuty. What is yours?

#BeRandom #RandomActsOfCivicDuty #1A #WeThePeople #Election2020 #DemsStoleIt

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