We celebrated Trump’s inauguration

There was an enthusiastic crowd at the U.S. Capitol four years ago to celebrate the inauguration of President Donald J. Trump.

We were so happy that this brash, outspoken man we didn't know very well soundly beat the thoroughly corrupt, pathological liar we knew all too well.

Then Trump turned out to be a thousand times better than our wildest imagination.

The Democrats, led by Barack Obama, had radically changed their party during the past eight years. But we did not expect that they would use federal law enforcement and intelligence agents to persecute the new president and his family for his entire term.

Those aggressive actions to undermine a president, as he worked hard to improve conditions for the majority or Americans, were unprecedented in our history.

But those attending the inauguration were filled with optimism and faith—believing we were entering a new era, free of the influence of a party that constantly favored our enemies.

After the inauguration ceremony ended on Jan. 20, 2017, my friend and I went to a crowded restaurant for lunch.

Sitting near us was a senior couple, who had flown to Washington from California. The man, about 75 years old, was a successful psychotherapist. He told me he was formerly a leader in the U.S. Communist Party.

He had been comrades with some famous communists, including terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn—who would later be known as associates of Obama.

So how did he make the leap from being a former true believer in communism to being an active Trump supporter?

The gentleman, a Buddhist, said that he was meditating and had a vision of the Democrats working with communists and Islamic terrorists to destroy America. After that, he changed his political ideology. When Trump came on the scene, he went to work for his campaign.

I spent the next few hours walking the streets of D.C. with this couple. We planned to attend the parade together. Those plans were cancelled, after security posts to the parade route were shut down because of Antifa violence in the city.

Would God give a Buddhist man, a former communist leader, a vision of what a specific political party was planning for America?

I believed that his vision was a true rendition of what was already occurring within the Democratic Party. There is plenty of evidence to reveal the treasonous ties between the party leaders and America’s rivals—including the Chinese Communist Party and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

I have lost touch with that intrepid couple, but I will never forget what the man said—an important warning of the dangerous road ahead.


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