Will America Emerge as a Free Nation?

November 3, 2020, America went to bed knowing we battled big tech, the mainstream media, the Establishment and won. The numbers pouring in over the news proved we re-elected President Donald J. Trump in a historic landslide. November 4, 2020, America woke up only suffer a collective psychotic break from reality and a divorce from our Constitutional Republic. Freedom was imprisoned by the theft of our right to a free and fair election. This was not an election where only every legal vote was counted. This was a display of the lengths evil will go to maintain their power structure.

At the time of this writing, it has been 3 months and 16 days since the (s)election and installation of the Globalist Regime. On a day that saw freezing temperatures and snow in DC, the FBI was going door to door gathering names of the occupants and comparing it to intel from Air BNB and VRBO's reservation system so they could question and track those who had dared to rent a unit in Washington DC during the inauguration. The confusion still lingering from the January 6th events at the Capitol still fresh in everyone's mind, hindsight and careful video analysis now offering clarity to the scope and magnitude of the coordinated effort to ensure the election would render a Biden Presidency.

What have we learned:

The mainstream media, multinational corporations, the establishment politicians and their corresponding lobbyists funded by enemies foreign and domestic in collaboration with our intelligence agencies, DOJ, FBI, Judiciary worked together with communists, democratic socialists and RINOs to make sure their puppet would be installed into the Oval Office. How did they accomplish this?

The set their egos aside. One never witnesses powerplays in public between the left and the RINOs. It's a coordinated script with the goal to psyop the American electorate into thinking we actually have definable fundamental differences between the Republican and Democrat parties. Quite the opposite in fact. When the cameras are rolling, they are bantering talking points that are designed to ignite anger from one side, a media narrative to build the consensus, and then "compromise" for the sake of the nation. Actually it's "forsaking" the nation....

The new America has forsaken its Founding Fathers and our most coveted document that has defined our country as the beacon of freedom and limitless opportunity worldwide. We are now ruled by a group of treasonous thugs who are driven by the almighty financial windfalls given in kickbacks, book deals and pork barrel pet projects while their constituents be damned. They are spineless puppets who would sell their mother to the highest bidder.

The Dems never challenge leadership. They progress their agenda arms locked and scripts rehearsed. Their objective is clear. Win at all costs and deliver the communist manifesto financed by the CCP and UK. Pillage America's wealth, IP, ingenuity and strip her citizens of their freedoms. We are staring down the barrel of a police state rivaled only by China, Venezuela and 3rd world banana republics. And they accomplished all of this without firing a shot. It is remarkable and it was done in record time.

Time is, however, the fly in their ointment. Communism does not understand the American resolve. And while the enemy rewrote history in our education's textbooks, they grew impatient and launched their plan to destroy the shining city on the hill one generation too early. We still have enough freedom loving and freedom fighting citizens who understand the difference between the United States of America and the evils of Communist China. We have the thirst for liberty coursing through our veins. We gave birth to that DNA when real men left tyranny 250 years ago in search of shores where they could define their future, worship in religious freedom and enjoy the fruits of their labors, without the ruling class grabbing their "fair share".

As we witness inflation creeping up ever more quickly, banks invading privacy, the open meddling of free markets by an administration who has profited from Wall Street through speaking fees, evidence that COVID19 was used to take over our civil liberties, steal our wealth, destroy our country and usher in a new financial reset, we are waking up more rapidly. The whole world is watching and they are witnessing the reality that their once great candle of hope for the world, whose flame has flickered on the verge of darkness, still has a breath of oxygen left to re-ignite that passion for freedom. That oxygen is our lust for all things American: Freedom and Liberty.

We will never give up. Ever. If there is a lesson to be learned it is that if we are to survive, we must check our egos at the door, stand with our neighbor and work locally to take back what our founding fathers came here and died doing. Fighting for the idea of Freedom. I pray that word "fight" never goes kinetic...but it has been said that "history will repeat itself". Can we outwit history?

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